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personality types!

reblog with your personality types bolded, for your own reference, or for your followers to get to know you better! 

name: Maddy

zodiac: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces (had to google it is that weird,)

myers-briggsistj, isfj, infj, intj, istp, isfp, infp, intp, estp, esfp, enfp, enfj, esfj, estj, esfj, enfj, entj, entp

the four temperaments: melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine

enneagram: type one, type two, type three, type four, type five, type six, type seven, type eight, type nine

alignmentlawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, true neutral, lawful neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, chaotic evil

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i can’t just turn this on.  i’ m   n o t   l i k e   y o u   g u y s .
i don’t have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses.

           i  j u s t   h a v e  … v o i c e s   i n   m y   h e a d.

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Will an act of true love be enough to thaw a frozen heart?

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cersei lannister: a summary


cersei lannister: a summary

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Colin O’donoghue & Jennifer Morrison on set 7/16/2014 (x)(x)

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Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue on set of Once Upon A Time | 16.7.14 x

Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue on set of Once Upon A Time | 16.7.14 x

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The fandom has had a lot of appreciation weeks for different characters and relationships in the past month or so, and I thought it was time for one for the show in general. This is an appreciation week to show our love for Once Upon a Time as a whole, and is open to any and all Oncers who want to participate! It’ll run from July 27th to August 2nd, and will go in this order:
  • Day One: Favorite Character
  • Day Two: Favorite Relationship
  • Day Three: Favorite Land/Location
  • Day Four: Favorite Story Arc
  • Day Five: Favorite Episode
  • Day Six: Favorite Season
  • Day Seven: Favorite Overall Moment
This is meant to be a safe and fun week for all Oncers to enjoy, no matter from what side of the fandom they come from. Please make sure to tag ouataw in the first five tags of any edits so we can all see them come together collectively. And please, reblog this post if you intend to participate, and to spread the word to other Oncers!
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Good stydia fanvids?

(x) (x) (x)

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